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Vincent is an ultra-distance athlete, a mountain sports enthusiast, and above all a father with a busy life. By winning the ultratrail Les Templiers in 2021 Vincent was granted an entry for the legendary Western States Endurance Run, a 100-mile race taking place in June 2022 in California.


Vincent lives in Annecy, a city providing the utmost in trail running and mountain sports. First and foremost he is a loving dad of a 2-year old boy and a soon-to-be baby. He also works as sport marketing manager. Balancing work, family and his passion for sports and outdoors 

Vincent spends most of his time in the mountains.


A busy schedule and training exhaustion are the price to pay to see a dream to come true and participate to the Western States in 2022. Crossing the finish line is dream. But is the finish line the most important? Or is it the journey to get there?


ULTRA DAD | The film

Ultra DAD the movie 

Ultra DAD - The Western States by Vincent Viet


      After having raced at a national level in cycling (cross country then road), it is on foot that Vincent has eventually evolved into an athlete's practice. In 2012, for his first mountain race, he finished 8th in the CCC®. For many years, he seeks adventure in his practice and participates in several ultra distances abroad. He finished on the top step of the podium many times: UTCT65k; UT Guatemala; UT Drakensberg; The TREG.

In 2020 he created and organized his crazy project to join Annecy in Chamonix by the mountains: La AnnCham . he will keep this aspect of adventure and sharing at heart in his practice. He continues the following year with the UTMB® , which he completes in 24h16 in 17th place.

That year, in 2021, the idea of running the Endurance Trail des Templiers to try to get a place for the Western States 2022 was born. 

Discover the rest of his adventure through a 26-minute documentary

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